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Re: Crash when using scroll bar in Carbon port (keyboard.c:3010)

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: Crash when using scroll bar in Carbon port (keyboard.c:3010)
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2008 12:25:00 -0800

David Reitter <david.reitter@gmail.com> writes:

  > Further to my message below, I have reproduced the bug by loading the
  > attached file, making the frame small and scrolling back and forth
  > with the scrollbar. The two stack traces looks different, though.
  > The mode-line reads PDFLaTeX/F Ref BCite ll Noweb NWFL for this file.
  > The problem appears to be related to Noweb Mode, which seems to come
  > with R-mode. It switches back and forth between LaTeX-mode (from
  > AUCTeX), fundamental-mode and ESS-mode. (Problem is only reproducible
  > is noweb-mode is on.)
  > Secondly, changing the major mode triggers a few things in `aquamacs-
  > styles-mode': different faces and frame parameters are applied to the
  > frame that displays a window with that buffer. But of course that
  > shouldn't crash Emacs...

Unfortunately the Carbon port is currently unsupported in the CVS HEAD
branch and it is known not to work. 
Non-developers should not try to use it. You are probably more qualified
that most people to try to debug the problem...

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