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Re: mouse-set-font should make a checkmark or something

From: jidanni
Subject: Re: mouse-set-font should make a checkmark or something
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 01:30:52 +0800

r> post a *precise*

I am pleased to say that you just can't miss it:
$ emacs -Q #emacs-version "22.1.1" here.
At this point choose your favorite font. Now do
again and go to that same place in the menus where you just chose your favorite

Notice that even though we just chose it in step 1, there is no
helpful checkmark left sitting there showing that it is the current
font in effect. Nope, it's just like an elevator where yes, the
buttons all work, but there is no light inside to show you what
current floor your are on.

Perhaps even from the first tiny menu seen upon hitting
<S-down-mouse-1> we could be shown checkmarks, or pushed-in item

Or maybe, as fonts are like a mystery to me, maybe the
primary/secondary font concept or whatever escaped my brain and never

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