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Emacs 22.1 fails to build under GNU/Linux on S/390x due to multilib assu

From: Ulrich Mueller
Subject: Emacs 22.1 fails to build under GNU/Linux on S/390x due to multilib assumption
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 22:49:40 +0100


this is a forwarded report of Gentoo bug 205555,
<http://bugs.gentoo.org/205555>, reported by Mike Frysinger:

> the emacs build system makes assumption about multilib setups based
> on the target architecture

> src/m/amdx86-64.h:#define START_FILES pre-crt0.o /usr/lib64/crt1.o 
> /usr/lib64/crti.o
> src/m/amdx86-64.h:#define LIB_STANDARD -lgcc -lc -lgcc /usr/lib64/crtn.o
> src/m/ibms390x.h:#define START_FILES pre-crt0.o /usr/lib64/crt1.o 
> /usr/lib64/crti.o
> src/m/ibms390x.h:#define LIB_STANDARD -lgcc -lc -lgcc /usr/lib64/crtn.o

> this probably isnt a big deal for amd64, but on s390x, /usr/lib64/
> does not exist in a non-multilib setup.  there is only /usr/lib/.

Below I include a patch that fixes it for S/390x.

Maybe one should also rethink if HAVE_X86_64_LIB64_DIR and the code
around it are the best possible solution on x86_64. Especially, there
seems to be no way to override it via --libdir.


--- emacs-22.1-orig/src/Makefile.in     2007-03-21 15:31:24.000000000 +0100
+++ emacs-22.1/src/Makefile.in  2008-01-13 03:53:26.000000000 +0100
@@ -29,6 +29,9 @@
 # Here are the things that we expect ../configure to edit.
 # We use $(srcdir) explicitly in dependencies so as not to depend on VPATH.
--- emacs-22.1-orig/src/m/ibms390x.h    2007-01-21 04:59:39.000000000 +0100
+++ emacs-22.1/src/m/ibms390x.h 2008-01-13 03:51:46.000000000 +0100
@@ -160,10 +160,10 @@
 #define XPNTR(a) XUINT (a)
-#define START_FILES pre-crt0.o /usr/lib64/crt1.o /usr/lib64/crti.o
+#define START_FILES pre-crt0.o $(libdir)/crt1.o $(libdir)/crti.o
-#define LIB_STANDARD -lgcc -lc -lgcc /usr/lib64/crtn.o
+#define LIB_STANDARD -lgcc -lc -lgcc $(libdir)/crtn.o
 /* arch-tag: 4b87653c-6add-4663-8691-7d9dc17b5519
    (do not change this comment) */

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