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Re: [PATCH] nt/gmake,defs, nt/nmake.defs

From: Bill Meier
Subject: Re: [PATCH] nt/gmake,defs, nt/nmake.defs
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 16:24:55 -0500
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1. A Windows 'mingw32-make install' (to other than the build directories) ends up installing files such as those in emacs/etc/ and such as the .el files without preserving the date/time of these (source) files. Although this may not cause any direct problems, IMHO it's a bug in the install.

I note from a a quick look at the *nix install scripts that the *nix install does preserve the file date/times (since tar .... is used to copy the files [at least for the .el files]).

(As an aside, I also note that the *nix install also removes any .cvsignore & etc files from the install destination directories as part of the install; I'll leave that to another time).

2. I'm happy to submit a proposed fix which will preserve the file date/times during an install (if cp implements -p).

I found after some further testing that my original fix did not work for all the files installed (specifically: the .el files) since the lisp/makefile.w32-in uses 'cp' (and not '$(CP)' for the install of the .el files & etc.

I'm inclined to do the fix as follows (comments welcome):

1. In lisp/makefile.w32-in:
For the install target: change 'cp -f' to '($CP)'

2. In configure.bat, gmake.defs and nmake.defs:
Add appropiate code so as to test for the availability of 'cp -p' and to define CP (and CP_DIR) to include (or not) the '-p' option.

This approach changes all usage of CP and CP_DIR in the makefile.w32-in files to preserve file date/times; A review of the usage of $(CP) and some testing suggests this won't be a problem.

An alternative approach would be to change just the install usage of cp; Eg: by defining a new macro (say) 'CPI=cp -p -f' (if 'cp -p' implemented).

In this case the cp usage for install would need to be changed to use $(CPI) in some number of the various makefile.w32-in files.

Thoughts ?


Bill Meier

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