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lisp/mail/rmail.el rmail-highlight definition

From: pod
Subject: lisp/mail/rmail.el rmail-highlight definition
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 20:58:51 +0000 (GMT)

I don't think the definition for the rmail-highlight face in emacs 22.1 is

The face properties shown by M-x describe-face RET rmail-highlight are all
unspecified and indeed M-x list-faces-display shows the rmail-highlight
faces as completely plain whereas the highlight face has a darkolivegreen
(according to M-x describe-face RET highlight) background.

The rmail-highlight face definition appears to be the same in CVS


as it is in the lisp/mail/rmail.el from the distributed emacs 22.1
tarball, namely:

    (defface rmail-highlight
      '((t :default highlight))
      "Face to use for highlighting the most important header fields."
      :group 'rmail-headers
      :version "22.1")

I think the intent is to derive a face from the highlight face, however
the value used above appears to be incorrect on two counts given the
description from M-x describe-function defface; there is no :default ATTR
and ATTS should be (ATTR VALUE ATTR VALUE ...).

I believe the correct value to assign is ((t (:inherit hightlight))).
Indeed if I assign this using

(custom-set-faces '(rmail-highlight ((t (:inherit highlight)))))

I observe the content of From: and Subject: fields in my rmail buffers in
a face indistinguishable from the highlight face (i.e. with a
darkolivegreen background) whereas without this setting they appear in
what looks like the default face.

Thank you for your time.

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