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assuming light or dark background

From: jidanni
Subject: assuming light or dark background
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 07:45:34 +0800

RFCs are unreadable now for me. Must be due to

  (defface rfcview-headlink-face
    '((t (:foreground "blue"))
      (t (:bold t)))
    "Face used for hyperlinks to headings."
    :group 'rfcview)

making some assumptions about the users' screen background color or
something. This points to a general emacs bug that there needs to be
an additional layer of indirection to soften the collision between
what the lisp author wants to do, and the environment where it ends up
getting done... without the user having to customize again for each
program... Indeed, I bet the half of all the .el authors in the world
assumed dark backgrounds and half assumed light backgrounds too!

There the problem should be attacked at its root, not by just telling
the user to

> Type M-x customize ...

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