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Bug#464940: assuming light or dark background

From: jidanni
Subject: Bug#464940: assuming light or dark background
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 07:32:33 +0800

Package: emacs-goodies-el
Version: 29.0-1
File: /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacs-goodies-el/rfcview.el

RMS> What Emacs version is this?

Oops, none. Sending to Debian instead.

>>>>> "JR" == Jason Rumney <jasonr@gnu.org> writes:

JR> jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
>> RFCs are unreadable now for me. Must be due to
>> (defface rfcview-headlink-face
>> '((t (:foreground "blue"))
>> (t (:bold t)))
>> "Face used for hyperlinks to headings."
>> :group 'rfcview)

JR> This doesn't appear to be part of Emacs. Probably a better way of
JR> defining that face is

JR> (defface rfcview-headlink-face
JR>    '((t (:inherit 'link)))
JR>    "Face used for hyperlinks to headngs."
JR>    :group 'rfcview)

JR> That way it will take advantage of any variations that already exist
JR> for the built-in link face, such as light, dark, grayscale, or user
JR> customizations.

OK, I put that snippet in .emacs, pending change in Debian etc. Looks good.

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