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"Invalid face slant: roman"

From: Zoran Rilak
Subject: "Invalid face slant: roman"
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 21:54:35 -0800 (PST)
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I've just checked out the latest Emacs 23.0.60 from the CVS trunk (as
of 2008-02-23) and compiled it with fontconfig support (--enable-font-
backend).  When I try to use any of the fonts provided via fontconfig
to customize default face, here's what happens:

  - the font loads and Emacs redraws itself correctly.
  - when I do a customize-face default, I see that it longer parses
correctly in the custom-mode; instead of a list of checkboxes and
values, I get a "Lisp expression:" field.
  - :slant is set to "roman" regardless of its former value (before
changing :family).  This goes for every fontconfig family I've tried
so far.
  - If I save this customization and restart Emacs, I get a message
"Invalid face slant: roman".  The face does not get applied.
  - Also: sometimes my mode-line face will have its foreground reset
to #000000 after applying the new default face.

This wasn't an issue with an earlier Emacs 23.0, also from CVS
(although that one I had to start with --enable-font-backend argument
to get the fc backend; apparently no longer needed).

  I found this in lisp/ChangeLog:

2008-02-01  Kenichi Handa  <handa@m17n.org>

        * faces.el (font-weight-table): Treat regular and normal as
        same as medium.
        (font-slant-table): Add (roman . 100).

Removing the (roman . 100) part from the font-slant-table does nothing

I'm willing to tinker with the source code if someone has an idea what
I should look at first.

Thanks for your time,

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