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Re: Documentation for ido-mode is not very enlightening

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Documentation for ido-mode is not very enlightening
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 22:49:35 +0100
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> What's an "ido speed-up"?  What are "ido versions" of the find-file functions?
> If you are terminally curious, you might try it out, but you should not assume
> your users have indefinite time and patience.  For many users, the amount of
> modes and features you could try out at one point or another is overwhelming,
> and those with obscure or hard-to-find features are going to go undiscovered 
> most users, and waste the time of many who try them out only to find the
> features are not useful to them.
> Even just the following very brief introduction from the beginning of the
> "Comments" section in the ido.el source would help a lot:
>   Ido - interactive do - switches between buffers and opens files and
>   directories with a minimum of keystrokes.
> Like I wrote in my original report, it would be even better if the entire
> comments section of the source file could be turned into documentation.  It's
> fairly detailed and comprehensive.

Sorry, I don't use ido and don't know what it does.  I fully agree with
your remarks but am afraid that the Emacs development team doesn't have
the necessary ressources to fill your needs.

How about writing a patch giving all the details you consider essential?
You could try copying the style of a minor mode you like and whose
doc-string you consider adequate.  You might even consider writing an
Info node for this - I think Kim would agree and give you any help you

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