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Re: comment-kill can't deal with following situation

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: comment-kill can't deal with following situation
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 00:14:14 -0500
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> comment-kill is defined in newcomment.el.  It is supposed to kill
> comments (refer to its document).  But it can't deal with the cases in
> which there are more than one comment in a line.  An example is:

If you do not provide a prefix arg, comment-kill should only kill
1 comment.  Indeed when providing a prefix arg, the behavior is probably
not right.  Actually, when I wrote it I just tried to reproduce the
previous behavior.  But in the presence of multi-line comments, the
behavior doesn't match the docstring either.

I don't know of anybody who uses the prefix arg of comment-kill, so if
you could explain how you use it, it might help decide what the behavior
should be.


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