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Re: No coding system used for environment variables

From: YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
Subject: Re: No coding system used for environment variables
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 11:22:03 +0900
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>>>>> On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 00:40:29 +0000, Jason Rumney <jasonr@gnu.org> said:

> Version: 22.1.92 Göran Uddeborg wrote:
>> It seems there is no coding system applied to values of environment
>> variables.

> Thank you for your report. This should be now fixed for 22.2.

I think you mean the latest changes for fileio.c below:

2008-03-05  Jason Rumney  <jasonr@gnu.org>

        * fileio.c (Fexpand_file_name): Decode home directory names.
        (Fsubstitute_in_file_name): Decode substituted variables.

But I'd strongly suggest to revert this changes at this timing of
pretest for upcoming Emacs 22.2.  First, some coding systems are not
ready until some .elc files get loaded (a chicken-and-egg problem).
Second, as DECODE_FILE causes GC and string compaction in general,
some variables such as `nm' in Fexpand_file_name may not point to
valid data after that.  You may also want to see a related patch in

                                     YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu

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