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Re: Can Emacs has Tabbed and Folding features

From: Joost Diepenmaat
Subject: Re: Can Emacs has Tabbed and Folding features
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 23:22:45 +0100
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"vikas kumar" <starvikas009@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi all,
>  I am a senior undergraduate student and a great fan of Emacs
> editor. Developing large project I felt Emacs must have fetures like
> Tabbed window and Folding Regions like other editors. Most of my
> friends and I felt that Emacs is th best for writing code and in many
> other aspects but it is cumbersome while navigating quickly. Even
> though we do not like writing code K-Develope much but we have to use
> it many times because of its other very good GUI features( manly
> Tabbed, Folding code and you can search a string in many files in one
> shot). I would request you people please have a thought on these Ideas
> it would really very much helpful for Emacs users.

All these options are already available for Emacs:


Plenty of different folding modes:

Searching multiple buffers:

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