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RE: Emacs psychiatrist

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs psychiatrist
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 15:31:39 -0700

>    I studied Emacs psychiatrist, and I think that behind
> the program there is a vivid person (or persons?).
> Is it so? I simply couldn't understand how one person could
> reply to so many persons, who decided to use the program
> Emacs psychiatrist.
>    Is the Emacs psychiatrist a real psychiatrist? Or do you
> work on artificial intelligent and it is a very complex program?
> (I don't think so...) I just started to interest in computers,
> and anyway I found this program is very humorous.

If you can't tell, then what's the difference? ;-)

Anyway, yes, it's a program. The source code is in library `doctor.el'. You
can find out about any Emacs function by using `C-h f' - in this case, `C-h
f doctor'. The function description give you a link to the source code. The
source code for all of Emacs is available at your fingertips. Enjoy.

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