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HP-UX 11.X build/runtime issues for emacs 22.2

From: Richard Lloyd
Subject: HP-UX 11.X build/runtime issues for emacs 22.2
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 09:55:12 +0000 (GMT)

I thought I'd report on the various issues I have had building and running
emacs 22.2 on HP-UX 11.X (11.11/11.23/11.31 on both PA-RISC and Itanium
platforms). I'm using the latest HP's ANSI C compiler with all the latest
patches applied to it and am building the Motif interface

Here's the HP-UX 11.X issues:

* src/vm-limit.c has #ifdef HAVE_GETRLIMIT...#else...#endif sections
  (i.e. line 36 onwards and line 158 onwards) and yet the configure script
  never tests for getrlimit() and hence config.h never has any HAVE_GETRLIMIT
  definition. Yes, configure does test for setrlimit() and sets HAVE_SETRLIMIT

* Following on from the above point, the #else code in src/vm-limit.c
  between lines 173 and 188 - only run if HAVE_GETRLIMIT isn't defined (which
  it never is, as I said) - can cause a crash at line 182 on some HP-UX
  cp = (char *) (*real_morecore) (0);

  However, if I compile with -DHAVE_GETRLIMIT, which forces the code to
  use the getrlimit() calls (HP-UX 11.X has getrlimit()), the code doesn't

* Sadly, similar code to the assignment above is present in src/alloc.c,
  namely at line 278:

  POINTER new = (*real_morecore)(0);

  This again can cause an HP-UX core dump, but this time there is no
  getrlimit() alternative code - maybe there should be to fix this issue
  (I wonder if HP-UX isn't the only platform with this problem)?

* src/getloadavg.c declares an "nl" struct nlist array at line 493.
  Unfortunately, this clashes directly with ncurses 5.6's "nl" variable in
  ncurses.h [line 686: extern NCURSES_EXPORT(int) nl (void); ]
  Since emacs uses ncurses, this actually makes it impossible to build
  emacs with the current ncurses release on non-VMS/SGI/Linux platforms.
  I changed all references to "nl" in src/getloadavg.c to "nl2" and this
  fixed the problem - you might to consider a similar rename for that variable.

* src/tparam.c declares a tparam() function at line 95 onwards. This is
  a function also declared by the termcap 1.3.1's termcap.h file
  (line 33), so I would suggest renaming all occurrences of tparam() in
  src/term.c, src/terminfo.c and src/tparam.c to emacs_tparam() instead.

* src/term.c has uninitialised static char * variables at lines 2179 to 2181.
  If you look at the tty_default_color_capabilities() function directly
  below, you'll see statements that read those vars (lines 2192, 2196 and
  2201), potentially without assigning to them first. I suggest that
  (char *)NULL is assigned to them when they are declared:

  static char *default_orig_pair=(char *)NULL;
  static char *default_set_foreground=(char *)NULL;
  static char *default_set_background=(char *)NULL;

* I'm sure all the developers know that the emacs binary cannot be stripped,
  but I feel this should be made very clear in the documentation since it's
  almost the only package I know of that will crash and burn if the binary
  is stripped. It's such an important point, I think it should go into the
  INSTALL document.

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