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Re: perl-mode - fix syntax of anonymous sub prototypes

From: Giuliano Procida
Subject: Re: perl-mode - fix syntax of anonymous sub prototypes
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 14:58:23 +0000

Joost Diepenmaat wrote:

> Just FYI, prototypes on anonymous subs are useless. As in; discarded by
> the perl interpreter. I'm actually surprised it's even valid syntax.

We are getting off-topic here but I disagree. It is useful to the
programmer or maintainer to see the argument structure at a glance
(especially when writing a lot of functional-style code). It could
even be useful to code analysis tools, though with Perl that's going
to be a bit hard. I think the language syntax is more regular with
this feature than without.

> Also, I would strongly recommend cperl-mode (which in fact does
> recognize the construct) instead of perl-mode.

I have found cperl-mode's defaults rather unpleasant and I don't want
to spend ages customising it to my taste (i.e., make it look like
perl-mode). I just use perl-mode and I will be happy if I can fix the
few issues I have with it.

Giuliano Procida

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