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Re: Initialization customization not being saved : solved !

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Initialization customization not being saved : solved !
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 10:44:32 +0200
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> Sorry, I have found the problem and the feature is now working properly. I
> had byte-compiled my .emacs.el initialization file and failed to
> byte-compile again after making the "Inhibit Startup Screen" variable
> customization. I also ignored the warning message generated by emacs at
> startup : "_emacs.el" is newer than "_emacs.elc" .

Emacs could

(1) warn the user when saving the customized value that .emacs must be
    byte-compiled in order to apply the customized value when Emacs is
    restarted (even if a warning is issued only once during a session
    people may find this annoying),

(2) warn the user when exiting Emacs that there were uncompiled saved
    values (won't help much when a user just fires another instance of
    Emacs in order to quickly test a customization),

(3) warn the user very explicitly at startup - maybe asking questions
    like "byte-compile your .emacs now?" or "reload .emacs source?",

(4) automatically load the uncompiled .emacs and warn the user that it
    has _not_ been compiled (confusing, why should .emacs be treated
    differently from other files).

I'd opt for (3) although I generally hate programs asking me questions
during startup.

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