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bookmark structure

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bookmark structure
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 17:02:44 -0700

The doc string of bookmark-alist says each entry has this form:
  (filename . FILE)
  (front-context-string . FRONT-STR)
  (rear-context-string  . REAR-STR)
  (position . POS)
  (info-node . POS)
  (annotation . ANNOTATION))
There should not be two occurrences of POS, unless they always have
the same value. The doc string says that info-node is optional, but it
doesn't say that annotation is optional. And the syntax description
doesn't reflect the fact that these are optional (no brackets).
The comments in the code, on the other hand, say that this is the(new)
;;        (bookmark-name ((filename . FILENAME)
;;                        (front-context-string . string-in-front)
;;                        (rear-context-string  . string-behind)
;;                        (position . POINT)
;;                        (annotation . annotation)
;;                        (whatever   . VALUE)
;;                        ...
;;                        ))
bookmark-name, string-in-front, string-behind, and the second
occurrence of annotation here should be uppercase here.
Compared to the doc string, there is an additional level of parens
here for the body, info-node is missing, and additional kinds of
entries (whatever . VALUE)..., are acceptable.
The two descriptions should be similar.  It seems that neither is
quite correct. The doc string is missing a level of parens, at least.

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