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Re: is this incorrect code in elisp manual?

From: David Roderick
Subject: Re: is this incorrect code in elisp manual?
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 21:18:38 +0100
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David Roderick <address@hidden> writes:

> 9.2.4 Symbol Function Indirection
> ---------------------------------
>  -- Function: indirect-function function &optional noerror
>      This function returns the meaning of FUNCTION as a function.  If
>      FUNCTION is a symbol, then it finds FUNCTION's function definition
>      and starts over with that value.  If FUNCTION is not a symbol,
>      then it returns FUNCTION itself.
>      This function signals a `void-function' error if the final symbol
>      is unbound and optional argument NOERROR is `nil' or omitted.
>      Otherwise, if NOERROR is non-`nil', it returns `nil' if the final
>      symbol is unbound.
>      It signals a `cyclic-function-indirection' error if there is a
>      loop in the chain of symbols.
>      Here is how you could define `indirect-function' in Lisp:
>           (defun indirect-function (function)
>             (if (symbolp function)
>                 (indirect-function (symbol-function function))
>               function))
> shouldn't this be? 
>           (defun indirect-function (function)
>             (if (symbolp function)
>                 (symbol-function function)
>               (function))
> -- 
> from 
> David Roderick

David Roderick

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