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Re: dired-diff existant.gz /dir-with-no-such-target-file

From: jidanni
Subject: Re: dired-diff existant.gz /dir-with-no-such-target-file
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 06:41:53 +0800

Please try the following test.
In a directory with a .gz file in it, run dired.
Now place the cursor upon it and hit = /tmp
I.e., (dired-diff "/tmp" nil)

Note how it gives
  diff -c -L /tmp -L /tmp/test/a.gz /tmp /tmp/jka-com9912y4f

  Diff finished (no differences).  Sat Apr 12 06:33:16 2008

But since what we wanted was the equivalent of doing
$ zdiff -c /tmp file.gz
which gives
diff: /tmp/file.gz: No such file or directory

That means that dired-diff blows it when one uses the shorthand /tmp
for /tmp/file.gz if there is no /tmp/file.gz.

Instead of detecting the missing file, it gives the all clear signal.

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