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Re: dired-aux.el better nroff suggestion

From: Sven Joachim
Subject: Re: dired-aux.el better nroff suggestion
Date: Thu, 01 May 2008 07:07:31 +0200
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On 2008-05-01 06:23 +0200, address@hidden wrote:

> ! runs the command dired-do-shell-command
>   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `dired-aux.el'.
> which when placed on top of kernel-img.conf.5.gz
> suggests     gunzip -qc * | tbl | nroff -man -h
> when in fact gunzip -qc * | tbl | nroff -man -h | col -b
> is needed, unless one likes ^H's, which are what one sees lots of
> currently. Not sure the fate of non-ASCII though with col -b.

Where did you get these suggestions from?  In stock Emacs -Q, there are
no suggestions at all, and if you load dired-x, there are only "man -l"
and "gunzip -q".

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