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Re: dired-aux.el better nroff suggestion

From: jidanni
Subject: Re: dired-aux.el better nroff suggestion
Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 09:52:00 +0800

SJ> you can set Man-support-local-filenames to t in your .emacs.
OK much nicer. No need for col -b now too.

SJ> I don't have an idea why Man-support-local-filenames returns nil for you

OK, on Debian sid emacs -Q M-x man who, then C-h v
Man-support-local-filenames ... is a variable defined in `man.el'. Its
value is auto-detect

What is weird is though one can do describe-variable
Man-support-local-filenames, one cannot do
M-x set-variable:
Set variable: Man-support-local-filenames [No match] (CARRIAGE RETURN not 
must have something to do with
   Internal cache for the value of the function `Man-support-local-filenames'.
   `auto-detect' means the value is not yet determined.

So this is a different bug: with M-x one can describe-variable but cannot
set-variable for that same variable. "Not determined" or not.

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