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bug#244: emacs-22.x hang in child after forking a process (before exec)

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: bug#244: emacs-22.x hang in child after forking a process (before exec)
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 11:05:55 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.17 (2007-11-01)


We noticed that we can not build auctex on Tru64 Unix 5.1
(alphaev67-dec-osf5.1) because emacs-22.2 hangs. It also hangs with, for
example "M-! ls". This all works fine on the same machine with
emacs-21.4 (and also hangs with emacs-22.1)

Here is a backtrace of the hanging child:
(/bin/dbx) where
>  0 __hstSetNxmActive(0x0, 0x11ffea1d0, 0x11ffe9ffa, 0x8000000140377440, 
> 0x200000014031d4f0) [0x3ff805ba8fc]
   1 __vpSetCritical(0x11ffe9ffa, 0x8000000140377440, 0x200000014031d4f0, 
0x80000001407c3000, 0x3ff805b90e4) [0x3ff805ba0f0]
   2 __vpEnterCritical(0x200000014031d4f0, 0x80000001407c3000, 0x3ff805b90e4, 
0x121, 0x3ff805c6ad0) [0x3ff805b90e0]
   3 __thdCanDisable(0x3ff805b90e4, 0x121, 0x3ff805c6ad0, 0x3ffc01b4000, 
0x3ff8059bb54) [0x3ff805c6acc]
   4 pthread_setcancelstate(0x1201e4594, 0xf, 0x3ff80147838, 0x0, 0x2000745e) 
   5 __ioctl_nc(0x0, 0x2000745e, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0) [0x3ff80147834]
   6 __isatty(0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x4d, 0x3ff801630f8) [0x3ff800d0fbc]
   7 __tcgetpgrp(0x3ff801630f8, 0x13000000010, 0x120162cec, 0x100000130, 
0x100000000) [0x3ff801630f4]
   8 shut_down_emacs(sig = 11, no_x = 0, stuff = 2305843014585336832) 
["emacs.c":2099, 0x120162ce8]
   9 fatal_error_signal(sig = 11) ["emacs.c":381, 0x120160264]
  10 __hstSetNxmActive(0x12048, 0x1, 0x0, 0x140926a3a, 0x1201f11c8) 
  11 __vpSetCritical(0x0, 0x140926a3a, 0x1201f11c8, 0x2, 0x3ff805b90e4) 
  12 __vpEnterCritical(0x1201f11c8, 0x2, 0x3ff805b90e4, 0x2, 0x3ff805c6ad0) 
  13 __thdCanDisable(0x3ff805b90e4, 0x2, 0x3ff805c6ad0, 0x3ffc01b4000, 
0x3ff8059bb54) [0x3ff805c6acc]
More (n if no)?
  14 pthread_setcancelstate(0x2, 0x2, 0x3ff80147838, 0x0, 0x2000745e) 
  15 __ioctl_nc(0x0, 0x2000745e, 0x0, 0x1, 0x0) [0x3ff80147834]
  16 __isatty(0x0, 0x1, 0x0, 0x4d, 0x3ff80163000) [0x3ff800d0fbc]
  17 __tcsetpgrp(0x3ff80163000, 0x3ffc009ddc0, 0x12027e614, 0x3be66, 
0x100000000) [0x3ff80162ffc]
  18 child_setup(in = 3, out = 5, err = 5, new_argv = 0x11ffea530, set_pgrp = 
0, current_dir = 6917529033019711744) ["callproc.c":1387, 0x12027e610]
  19 Fcall_process(nargs = [bad address (0x11ffd9c50)], args = 0x11fffb038) 
["callproc.c":656, 0x12027c988]

stack trace terminated due to recursion on level 19

Any ideas on what changed from 21.x to 22.x that could be causing this?

Peter O'Gorman

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