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bug#248: 23.0.60; the chinese font display related

From: Kyle M. Lee
Subject: bug#248: 23.0.60; the chinese font display related
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 17:28:59 +0800
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Jason Rumney 写道:
> Kyle M. Lee wrote:
>> I compiled the cvs emacs23 today.
>> And I found the chinses punctuation going to blank box. (see the attach
>> file) Event the bug report mail.
> The screenshots look even worse than your description. Do any Chinese
> characters display correctly?
The Chinese chars in tutorial display correctly.
But the english chars in bug report buffer display wrong.

> Do only Chinese punctuation characters display incorrectly, or does the
> incorrect display start from the first punctuation character encountered?
> Can you try putting the cursor on a character that is not displaying,
> and pressing C-u C-x =. Then post the contents of the *Help* buffer here.
Did you mean this ? (I copied something in the minibuffer after i had
pressed the C-u C-x =)
point=137 of 136 (EOB) column=0

And I found the exactly way to reproduce this bug:
>emacs -Q RET
Firstly Emacs display scratch correctly(english, of course). Then C-h t
RET, emacs display chinese tutorial, the chinese chars display
correctly, but punctuation not. Finally switch back to the scratch
buffer, everything goes wrong.

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