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bug#348: perl mode color vs. /:/

From: jidanni
Subject: bug#348: perl mode color vs. /:/
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2008 04:47:28 +0800

Perl mode needs an "m" here to get the colors right.
Cperl mode has no problem. emacs-version "22.2.1".
$ cat r.pl
m/.*:dndli([^:]+)10:/; my $tmp=$1; #color OK
 /.*:dndli([^:]+)10:/; my $tmp=$1; #color stuck.
//;#to recover color, only to demonstrate that
for(split /:/){print; print "\n";} #color stuck again.
#By the way, add make the "OK" in the comment above become "OK." and
#color gets unstuck!
$ emacs -Q r.pl

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