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bug#367: compilation-scroll-output not working on certain long line

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#367: compilation-scroll-output not working on certain long line
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 12:17:10 -0400
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> With foo.el and foo.pl below, running

>       emacs -Q foo.el
>       M-x eval-buffer

> produces a compilation window showing only "xxx.xx" bits, where I hoped
> setting compilation-scroll-output to `t' in foo.el would make it follow
> the further output after that, ie. the "bar" lines (which you can see by
> switching to the *compilation* buffer and scrolling down).

> The foo.pl script is merely to print the provoking output.  It's a long
> line arriving as its first 1024 bytes and then enough to just fill the
> 10-line compilation window.  During the second sleep the end of the
> "xxx.xx" is the last line in the window.

> I get the problem on both a console tty and under gtk X, and in both the
> debian packaged 22.2 and my build of the current cvs.  It seems to
> depend on the sleeps, ie. pauses in the output, so if you don't get the
> effect you might try increasing them a bit.

I cannot reproduce it on the current CVS trunk, tho I can reproduce it
on the 22 branch.  I have just installed a change in the way
window-point is handled in compile buffers which may have fixed
your bug.
Can you confirm that your bug is now fixed on the CVS trunk?


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