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bug#424: new feature: killed-buffer

From: pierre kobylanski
Subject: bug#424: new feature: killed-buffer
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:16:19 +0200

Hi guys,

I'd like to propose a new feature for emacs: the capability to easily
re-open previously killed buffers. Maybe someone else would appreciate

It proposes three user functions:

 * killed-buffers-mode
     Activate/Deactivate remembering killed buffers. To avoid tricky
     cases, only buffer associated with an existing file are taken
     into account.

 * restore-last-killed-buffer
     Restore previously killed buffer. The number of
     killed buffers to remember is configurable.
     Ex: (global-set-key [(meta f8 )] 'restore-last-killed-buffer)

 * mouse-killed-buffers-menu
       Display a menu with last killed buffers. A variable
     controls the number of item displayed, to ensure a
     reasonable size of the popup menu.
       This function respects the `mouse-wheel-follow-mouse'
       I attached a screen-shot of such a menu.
     Ex: (global-set-key [C-S-down-mouse-4] 'mouse-killed-buffers-menu)

Compatibilities / Dependencies :
 * require emacs 22.1 or above.
     Indeed, I make use of the `push' macro and the `find-file-hook'
     variables (that obsoletes `find-file-hooks' since v22.1).
 * require file-marker.el
     This is a second file, that defines the file-marker structure.
     Basically, it looks like a marker: it handles a filename and a
     point. But I can't use markers as they end with buffer death.

Maybe you'll be interested in integrating this in next emacs version.
But before that, my code has some bugs to correct:
 - copyright
 - autoload
 - maybe find default keystrokes (that follow emacs spirit).
 - in text-mode, what about `mouse-killed-buffers-menu' and graphical stuff ?
 - when killed-buffer-mode is off, the list of killed buffers is not
    updated, so that we can have a buffer opened that still appear in
    the killed buffers list. Bug or functionality ?

Of course, you have my email for any questions/demands.

Thanks for your involvement and time,

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