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bug#431: 23.0.60; `display-buffer' opens vertical instead of horizontal

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#431: 23.0.60; `display-buffer' opens vertical instead of horizontal windows
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 08:50:10 +0200
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>  1) Start Emacs with ./src/emacs -Q -g 80x24
>  2) C-x 4 f ~/.emacs
>  3) Observe that the frame is split vertically, i.e. the new buffer
>     is displayed in a window *below* the scratch buffer.
> Now repeat this with 160x24 instead of 80x24.  The frame is now
> split horizontally and the new buffer is in a window to the *right*
> of the original window.  It's a bug because the size of the frame
> should not affect the direction of the default split.
> I just bootstrapped from CVS and it still happens.
> Hope this clarifies things a bit,

Users can avoid horizontal splitting by setting `split-width-threshold'
to nil.  They also can avoid vertical splitting (but for single-window
frames) by setting `split-height-threshold' to nil.

We can set the default of `split-width-threshold' to nil to get the
behavior you consider correct.  IIRC some people wanted the default
split to be horizontal for very wide frames.  I have no preferences


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