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bug#455: emacs question

From: Stuart Cracraft
Subject: bug#455: emacs question
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 16:54:11 -0700
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Using "putty" to ssh into an AIX box
with a fully installed emacs.

When it makes the connection and offers
login/password and a shell as a result,
emacs -nw then gives

   "standard input is not a tty"

for a standard vt100 emulator in putty.

Anyone seen this? Google-searching implies
that a pseudo-terminal needs to be allocated
but there is no way to force this and
it is the default anyway in putty as there
is an unchecked "Don't allocate a pseudo-terminal"
radio-button, which I've tried checked and unchecked.

Thanks ahead for any insights on the above anyone.


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