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bug#549: emacsclient or emacsclientw not waiting in Windows

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: bug#549: emacsclient or emacsclientw not waiting in Windows
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 09:15:51 +0100
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>> It works like this: have emacsclient.com and emacsclient.exe, where
>> new emacsclient.exe is the old emacsclientw.exe, and emacsclient.com
>> is just a wrapper that calls the emacsclient and waits for it to
>> finish (e.g. by using a named event, which emacsclient.com waits).
>> The other way around could be to use "AttachConsole" etc. from
>> emacsclientw (and rename it to emacsclient), but all this is just
>> guessing
>> as I do not know the real reason for emacsclientw.

These might be good ideas if Emacs was a Windows program. But since
Emacs is a cross platform program, it is better to keep emacsclient the
same as other platforms, and have emacsclientw, which is built from
identical source code with different compiler switches, to work around
the deficiency in Windows where it insists on making a console visible
when you start a console program from the GUI.

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