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bug#598: 23.0.60; frame size issue (--geometry or default-frame-alist) w

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: bug#598: 23.0.60; frame size issue (--geometry or default-frame-alist) when using customized default face
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:18:02 +0200

For a few weeks now (starting around the time of the fix for #47, which
may or may not be relevant), emacs no longer comes up with the correct
frame size.
I have it set (to 132x60) in default-frame-alist, but emacs end up with
varying frame sizes instead - while there seem to be a few that it
favors, I can't see any real pattern in it.
The same happens if I remove the width/height settings from
default-frame-alist and use --geometry instead.
"emacs -Q --geometry 132x60" does seem to work 100% of the time.

I tried erasing the font/foundry customization, but that made no
difference; changing the font height, however, did. Emacs seems to
default to a height of 116 while I have mine set to 135 (since with the
font I prefer to use (Terminus), 116 is too small to read comfortably).

So it looks like the frame size is being computed based on the wrong
font sizing.

A few things I noticed while testing this:
- customizing the size of the default font causes emacs to repain its
  frame, and quite often this messes up the scrollbars (which I have
  set to appear on the right). Sometimes there is a black border to
  their right, sometimes they disappear. In either case, manually
  sizing the frame makes them redraw in their correct place.
- after saving the default face with the font and foundry items
  unchecked (i.e. uncustomized), and restarting emacs, it shows the
  font and foundry as customized (using Bitstream Vera Sans Mono)
- the 'foundry' setting was also added fairly recently; how do I find
  out a font's foundry so that I can set it correctly when customizing
  a face? Is there perhaps a font picker available in emacs that would
  allow me to customize a face more effectively?

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