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bug#600: Subject: 23.0.60; Dialogue panel in saving options hangs Emacs.

From: Paul Windey
Subject: bug#600: Subject: 23.0.60; Dialogue panel in saving options hangs Emacs.app
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 21:18:34 +0200

Please write in English if possible, because the Emacs maintainers
usually do not have translators to read other languages for them.

Your bug report will be posted to the address@hidden mailing list.

Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
and the precise symptoms of the bug:

The dialogue panel which appear for example while trying to save the
change in an option (accessed through options menu) in emacs (version
description below) in graphical mode (OS X 10.5.4) hangs Emacs.

The same behavior occurs for example with a dialogue panel offered by
preview.el (as included in AucTeX) about Caching or not caching TeX
preamble. This one can be avoided by selecting this option in the menu
as opposed to waiting for preview to ask the question through its
dialogue panel. Or for example trying to send this mail through the Mail > Send Message

On another subject (maybe not a bug) the traditional behavior of the
Mac keyboard is not respected as opposed to the correct behavior in
the Carbon version of emacs.app. For example the key sequence "option
e" e (which should produce a acute accented e) is not recognized
whatever the choice (alt, meta, hyper etc) for coding of the Option
key. Again I do not know if this is intentional or a bug.

Anyway thanks for an already very solid Cocoa/NeXTStep port.


If Emacs crashed, and you have the Emacs process in the gdb debugger,
please include the output from the following gdb commands:
    `bt full' and `xbacktrace'.
If you would like to further debug the crash, please read the file
/Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/Resources/etc/DEBUG for instructions.

In GNU Emacs (i386-apple-darwin9.4.0, *Step 9.0)
 of 2008-07-23 on pbook.local
Windowing system distributor `Apple', version 49.46.48
configured using `configure  '--with-ns' '--without-x''

Important settings:
  value of $LC_ALL: nil
  value of $LC_COLLATE: nil
  value of $LC_CTYPE: nil
  value of $LC_MESSAGES: nil
  value of $LC_MONETARY: nil
  value of $LC_NUMERIC: nil
  value of $LC_TIME: nil
  value of $LANG: nil
  value of $XMODIFIERS: nil
  locale-coding-system: nil
  default-enable-multibyte-characters: t

Major mode: Fundamental

Minor modes in effect:
  tooltip-mode: t
  mouse-wheel-mode: t
  menu-bar-mode: t
  file-name-shadow-mode: t
  global-font-lock-mode: t
  global-auto-composition-mode: t
  auto-encryption-mode: t
  auto-compression-mode: t
  line-number-mode: t
  transient-mark-mode: t

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