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bug#295: 23.0.60; wrong glyph widths of some Unicode codepoints

From: Torsten Bronger
Subject: bug#295: 23.0.60; wrong glyph widths of some Unicode codepoints
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 08:58:03 +0200
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Torsten Bronger writes:

> Chong Yidong writes:
>>>> The sub/superscripts are narrower than the ordinary characters
>>>> if using a monospace font (monospace-13 in my case)
>>> IIUC your problem is that not all thsoe characters use the same
>>> font.  This may be due to your font not having those chars, or
>>> to Emacs doing something wrong.
>>> Can you check again with the latest code (where some font
>>> problems have been fixed)?  Use C-u C-x = to find the font used
>>> for the char at point.
>> Do you still see this problem?
> Yes.  Take for example left and right German double quotes (which
> are alternative interpretations of x201e and x201c):
> [...]

I mixed up the bugs, so my reply was only partly true.  For the sub-
superscript numbers, everything is alright now.  The other glyphs
indeed still look sub-optimal, though.


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