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bug#690: 23.0.60; Function origin file misremembered

From: Markus Triska
Subject: bug#690: 23.0.60; Function origin file misremembered
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 13:08:51 +0200

martin rudalics <address@hidden> writes:

>> `describe-simplify-lib-file-name' already converts "/Users/mt/prolog.el"
>> to "prolog.el", which I think it should not do to preserve the origin.
>> `find-source-lisp-file' then expands it to the Emacs source file.

>  Any ideas how to do that without breaking the rest of the code?

I do not see much value in abbreviating the file name at all; unless
that is important for other features to work, I find that the original
file name should be preserved in case of doubt. (symbol-file
'prolog-mode) correctly evaluates to "/Users/mt/prolog.el", so this is
what should be shown. Otherwise, even future changes to load-path could
lead to distorted file origins of functions that are already loaded.

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