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bug#703: Octave comments in emacs

From: Rosen Diankov
Subject: bug#703: Octave comments in emacs
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 16:07:42 -0400

Small corrections:

In calculate-octave-indent, just delete the entire expression

((looking-at "\\s<\\S<")
       (setq icol (list comment-column icol)))

that forces comments to comment-column (which is 32). Was there a
reason for this?

Also, it should be noted that forcing single quotes to act like double
quotes in the syntax table really messes up the transposing of
matrices with the ' operator. If you care more about using single
quotes in your scripts (because of matlab compatibility), then just
use the transpose function instead of '

Is there a way to assign two different syntax rules for the same
character in emacs? Ie, one where ' is treated as a string quote (and
suppresses the syntax elements inside the quotes), and one where it is
treated as a suffix operator.


2008/8/11 Rosen Diankov <address@hidden>:
> The % also messes up formatting when seen in strings, ie 'my value: %d'
> For some reason, the octave syntax does not recognize that single
> quotes are strings (it might be because the transpose character is
> also ' and it is hard to differentiate between a string and the
> transposing).
> In any case, writing the above example will treat the % as a comment.
> The indenting engine will skip the closing parenthesis )... resulting
> in all the rest of the indents looking like garbage.
> To fix the weird positioning of single % comments and the following
> problems, go tino octave-mod.el and
> in octave-mode-syntax-table change
> (modify-syntax-entry ?\' "." table)
> to
> (modify-syntax-entry ?\' "\"" table)
> in calculate-octave-indent at the bottom change
> ((looking-at "\\s<\\S<")
> to
> ((and (looking-at "\\s<\\S<") (not (looking-at "%")))
> i use (looking-at octave-comment-char) instead since some people use #
> for comments
> I'm not sure what the consequences of these changes are. From the
> testing I've done, emacs formatting is running more like how the
> matlab editor would format. Now if someone can fix the indentation
> problems with "end", we'll have perfect indenting.
> rosen diankov,
> 2007/12/28 Olivier Lefevre <address@hidden>:
>> Ah OK. I had read about % vs. %% and %%% but it hadn't registered, perhaps
>> because it smelled perl-ish and thus went in one ear, out the other.
>> In the brain-damaged language(s) the other gentleman was referring to,
>> emacs will automatically indent the comment line according to its position
>>  in the code, without need for any of that %% or %%% flummery ;-) That is
>> both more natural and more practical, I think. But I can live with %%.
>> Thanks again,
>> -- O.L.
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