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bug#425: 23.0.60; Hang in wait_reading_process_output

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: bug#425: 23.0.60; Hang in wait_reading_process_output
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 19:31:41 -0400

> As recently reported by Joakim, Emacs occasionally hangs in
> wait_reading_process_output. I can confirm that this also occurs when
> process-adaptive-read-buffering is nil, as David suggested to test.
> Here is a backtrace and the output after holding RET for a few seconds
> when single-stepping through the code (I entered the debugger when
> Emacs started to hang and could not be interrupted with Ctrl+g). At
> the end of this transcript, I tried to inspect the value of
> process-adaptive-read-buffering using "pv", and Emacs got un-stuck.

#1 0x000ee1c6 in emacs_read (fildes=0, buf=0xbfffd780 "\b", nbyte=4096)
 at sysdep.c:3378

The filedes = 0 is suspicious.  Are you able to reproduce this bug?  If
so, is filedes always zero when it happens?

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