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bug#745: pop-to-buffer, frames, and input focus

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#745: pop-to-buffer, frames, and input focus
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 18:39:20 +0200
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>>> pop-to-buffer doesn't switch input focus with: Sawfish, kwin,
>>> metacity, fluxbox, twm.
>>> It does with icewm.
>>> display-buffer seems to switch focus with: Sawfish, kwin, fluxbox,
>>> icewm, twm.
>> You probably mean display-buffer does _not_ switch focus with these.
> I meant to say: display-buffer _does_ switch focus when creating a new
> frame with those window managers: Sawfish, kwin, fluxbox, icewm, twm.

I still don't understand.  Simplistically spoken, `pop-to-buffer' is
`display-buffer' + `select-window'.  How can, using Sawfish say,
`display-buffer' switch focus and `pop-to-buffer' not switch focus?

>>> I still think that display-buffer should neither select the other frame
>>> nor give it the input focus.  (Whether the other frame should be raised
>>> or not should probably be customizable, but that's a minor issue.)
>> I agree with you but I'm afraid there were issues with this.  If you
>> have some spare time please look at the threads starting with
>> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2006-04/msg00922.html
>> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2005-11/msg00107.html
>> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2008-03/msg00946.html
>> respectively.  At the very least you will find out that you're not
>> alone.
> Those messages are several years old.  And it looks like nobody is
> going to fix the issue this time.

We should fix it this time.  Please try again two things with the
window-managers you listed above and `pop-up-frames' non-nil:

- tell whether `display-buffer' does switch focus.

- tell whether `pop-to-buffer' does switch focus.

- try both, if possible, with click-to-focus and a focus-follows-mouse
  settings (maybe you have to set the value of the Emacs variable
  `focus-follows-mouse' appropriately).

Here on Windos XP with a focus-follows-mouse policy, `display-buffer'
and `pop-to-buffer' both switch focus.  IIRC, people reported troubles
with the standard click-to-focus policy.  Honestly, I'm a bit reluctant
to try out click-to-focus here, maybe someone else can try?

> Maybe we could move the input focus to the selected frame in a lazy
> fashion.  E.g. when Emacs waits for new events, we could compare the
> currently focused frame with the selected frame, and if they differ we
> could switch the focus to the selected frame.  This would make
> select-frame more useful.

I suppose we should introduce a customizable variable which allows to
call `select-frame-set-input-focus' (or something similar) at least in
`pop-to-buffer' but maybe also in `display-buffer'.  But we should also
provide a doc-string recommending what setting this variable should have
on which platform.


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