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bug#771: 23.0.60; Numeric prefix keys (two problems)

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: bug#771: 23.0.60; Numeric prefix keys (two problems)
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2008 22:28:19 -0500

In the section of the Emacs manual "Numeric arguments", it says:

>    The easiest way to specify a numeric argument is to type digits
> and/or a minus sign while holding down the <META> key.
>   You can also specify a numeric argument by typing `C-u'
> (`universal-argument') followed by the digits.  The advantage of `C-u'
> is that you can type the digits without holding down the <META> key.

This sounds to me as if all the prefix digits need to be pressed with
the <META> key held down; "M-5 0 x" would print 0 five times, followed
by an x. However, "M-5 0 x" will print x fifty times.  It was
suggested that the former case, which seems to be indicated by the
manual, would be useful to enter multiple digits.  Perhaps this could
be fixed, or the manual could be clarified.

Also, in the section "Rebinding Function Keys", it says:

    ... when `Num Lock' is on, the key labeled `8' on the numeric
    keypad produces `kp-8', which is translated to `8';

This doesn't work when using the <META> key, M-(kp-8) produces 
"<M-kp-8> is undefined".

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