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bug#819: 23.0.60; group and owner "Everyone" - what's that about?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#819: 23.0.60; group and owner "Everyone" - what's that about?
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:06:05 -0700

> > And why should following the link `..' show something 
> > different from what was
> > shown for `..' in the subdir?
> You mean the link `.' (on dot) should show the same as what was shown
> for `..' (2 dots) in a subdir, right?  If that's not happening for
> you, please show a concrete example.

I probably misspoke a bit. The `Everyone'...`Everyone' owner and group appear
only on `..', and only when `..' represents the top level: c:\. And for Dired in
c:\ itself there is no `.' entry, so I can't say it contradicts what `..' showed
one level down (`Everyone'...`Everyone').

The bug, as I see it, is that `..' is different (showing
`Everyone'...`Everyone') _only_ for a directory just under c:\ - for example,
Dired in c:\foo\. Everywhere else, I see the same thing for `..' that I see for
every other file or directory (my user name and `None', in my case).

> > My hard disk is formatted FAT32, not NTFS.
> On a FAT32 we currently attribute all files and directories to the
> user who runs Emacs.  FAT32 fails the file-security syscalls, so we
> fall back on what Emacs 22 did, because files that have no owner are
> in a way ``owned'' by everyone, the current user included.

I see. But I do not in fact see the same thing in Emacs 22 as in Emacs 23, so
you must be doing something different in this case.

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