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bug#117: bug 117: messed up frame parameters

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#117: bug 117: messed up frame parameters
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 07:38:21 -0700

> Sorry, I was confused. I was thinking this was an Emacs 23 
> pretest. These problems still exist in Emacs 23. :-( 

FYI - I just checked with a new build of 8-29, and the problems still exist.

* Duplicate and contradictory frame params.

* Fringe (left and right) on first frame, even though default-frame-alist
specifies no fringe. No fringe problem with subsequent frames.

* Bizarre, unreadable symbols, intead of normal alphabetic characters, in tabbar
tabs and Info headings.

* Frames not getting redisplayed, so uncovering a frame that was overlapped by
another (or by a non-Emacs window-mgr window) shows the overlapped part as blank
(until you select the frame and do C-l).

* Tool bar showing in new frames even though tool-bar mode is turned off. Oddly
enough, if I do C-x 5 f foo.el, even in the same file foo.el, the tool bar shows
up, but if I instead do C-x 5 2, the tool bar does not show up.


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