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bug#1489: gud.el not working with idb

From: Alfredo Buttari
Subject: bug#1489: gud.el not working with idb
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 11:51:26 +0100

I just recompiled emacs (latest version from CVS) but I noticed that gud.el is not working anymore when used in combination with the intel idb debugger. After "M-x gdb" I provide the debugger command "idb -gdb -fullname myexe" (as reported on the idb manual) and the main gud window is loaded. At this point, whatever I do gud just hangs. For example if I type "r" to run the executable, gud gets stuck like this:

Current directory is ~/
Intel(R) Debugger for applications running on IA-32, Version 10.1-32 , Build 20070828
object file name: ciao
Reading symbols from /home/abuttari/ciao...done.
(idb) r

This used to work perfectly until some time ago.

Not being an expert lisp programmer, I just tried to go back in the gud.el history until I found a revision that works. So in the main branch the problem is between revision 1.136 (working) and 1.137 (not working). Revision 1.137 was committed by developer "miles".
Could you please fix this?

Thanks a lot

Alfredo Buttari

Alfredo Buttari, PhD
2 rue Camichel, 31071 Toulouse, France

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