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bug#1491: Info received (Same problem in 23.0.60)

From: Lars Rasmusson
Subject: bug#1491: Info received (Same problem in 23.0.60)
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 08:00:59 +0100

Isn't this a bug?
On line ebrowse.c:2037
          for (--p; p >= inbuffer && *p != '\n'; --p)
I think it  should be
          for (--p; p > inbuffer && *p != '\n'; --p)

otherwise p may point to one character before inbuffer.
The backwards scanning is done correctly nine lines
further up, on ebrowse.c:2028

(OS X really has some neat features to prevent accessing
data from screwed up pointers! :-) )


Btw, is it really ok to write as in ebrowse.c:1530  ?

  /* Skip over white space.  The `#' has been consumed already.  */
  while (WHITEP (GET (c)))

GET(c) will eat up one character of the input, no matter whether it is a
white space or not...

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