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bug#1298: allow 'emacsclient -a "emacs --daemon && emacsclient -c"'

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#1298: allow 'emacsclient -a "emacs --daemon && emacsclient -c"'
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2008 15:07:16 -0500
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>> >> > How about something like:
>> >> > emacsclient --start-daemon
>> >> You mean "emacsclient --start-daemon-if-needed FILENAME" ?
>> >> Yes, probably something like that.  It could potentially be folded into
>> >> the alternate-editor (e.g. if alternate-editor has some special value
>> >> such as the empty string).
>> > How does the patch below look like?
>> I'd prefer to combine it with --alternate-editor since the two args are
>> mutually exclusive.  Have you tried it and it caused problems?

> I didn't quite get what you said... It should probably work, modulo ... 

>> > There's one refinement possible: make --start-daemon-if-needed take an
>> > argument --start-daemon-if-needed=ARG and use it like this:
>> > emacs --daemon=ARG
>> I think this ARG should automatically be taken from the
>> usual --socket-name argument.

> ... this: That won't work in the future when we extend --daemon to be able to
> specify a TCP port for example: --daemon=FILENAME:TCP_PORT

No need to worry about that: I've already explicitly rejected a tcp-port
option for server.el in the past, so I'll be happy to give other such
rejections in the future.


PS: The magical value for --alternate-editory should hopefully also work

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