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bug#1553: 23.0.60; footnote-mode confusion

From: Leo
Subject: bug#1553: 23.0.60; footnote-mode confusion
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 17:56:37 +0000
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Hi there,

The description of footnote-mode says:

| Toggle footnote minor mode.
| This minor mode provides footnote support for `message-mode'.  To get
| started, play around with the following keys:

but actually by default footnote-mode add all its bindings in
footnote-mode-map to the global map i.e. once it is called all its
bindings are available globally regardless of major modes. So I think
the doc string of footnote-mode should be improved to reflect this
fact. It seems pointless to mention message-mode in this case.

Best wishes,


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