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bug#1632: Org-menu "Set Items" not bound

From: Robert Goldman
Subject: bug#1632: Org-menu "Set Items" not bound
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 12:24:35 -0600
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Backgrond:  I have been finding that the Set Tags menu command didn't
work for me (on aquamacs).  I reported that to aquamacs-bugs, but David
Reitter there found that it was an org-mode bug.  I don't believe he
reported it to orgmode list --- went to emacs-pretest-bug instead.
Here's the analysis and a proposed patch.

I just looked at the output of help-variable on org-org-menu
and I see:

        (TAGS\ and\ Properties menu-item "TAGS and Properties"
                               (keymap "TAGS and Properties"
                                       (Set\ Tags menu-item "Set Tags" 
:key-sequence nil)
                                       (Change\ tag\ in\ region menu-item 
"Change tag in region"
menu-function-17 :key-sequence nil :enable
                                       (nil menu-item "--")
                                       (Set\ property menu-item "Set property" 
:key-sequence nil)
                                       (Column\ view\ of\ properties menu-item 
"Column view of
properties" org-columns)
                                       (Insert\ Column\ View\ DBlock menu-item 
"Insert Column View
DBlock" org-insert-columns-dblock)))

So I confirm what David reports, if you look about you'll see that the
keymap entries for "Set Tags" and "Set Property" aren't properly

I find that the following are also not initialized:

Sparse\ trees\ open\ ARCHIVE\ trees
Cycling\ opens\ ARCHIVE\ trees
Set\ property
Record\ DONE\ time
Edit\ File\ List
Descriptive\ Links
Literal\ Links
Export\ LaTeX\ fragments\ as\ images

and all of the entries for my org agenda files.

Looking at the org.el code, I see that these correspond to entries in
the org-org-mode menu that are quoted.  For example, I see:

["Set Tags" 'org-set-tags-command t]

which doesn't work, but we also see

["Priority Down" org-shiftdown t]

which does work.

When I cut out these quotes, the menu items work for me.  I'm attaching
a patch file.

diff --git a/lisp/org.el b/lisp/org.el
index 3df04e2..2461267 100644
--- a/lisp/org.el
+++ b/lisp/org.el
@@ -13342,10 +13342,10 @@ See the individual commands for more information."
      ["Priority Up" org-shiftup t]
      ["Priority Down" org-shiftdown t])
     ("TAGS and Properties"
-     ["Set Tags" 'org-set-tags-command t]
-     ["Change tag in region" 'org-change-tag-in-region (org-region-active-p)]
+     ["Set Tags" org-set-tags-command t]
+     ["Change tag in region" org-change-tag-in-region (org-region-active-p)]
-     ["Set property" 'org-set-property t]
+     ["Set property" org-set-property t]
      ["Column view of properties" org-columns t]
      ["Insert Column View DBlock" org-insert-columns-dblock t])
     ("Dates and Scheduling"

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