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bug#716: Bug in buffer-swap-text

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: bug#716: Bug in buffer-swap-text
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 20:45:20 +0800
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
I can reliably get a crash without changing coding systems:
  (buffer-swap-text (generate-new-buffer "test"))
  (insert (make-string 128 ?a)))
  (buffer-swap-text (generate-new-buffer "test"))

I cannot seem to reproduce it here, tho I'm not 100% sure how you run
the above code.  Could you give a more detailed recipe, starting from
"emacs -Q" and showing whether you use M-: or C-x C-e, ... ?

One possible variable here is the way that buffer space is allocated. On Windows, it seems REL_ALLOC is defined. I presume GNU/Linux defines USE_MMAP_FOR_BUFFERS which would cause it to take a different code path around the point where we see a crash on Windows, and as Magnus Henoch saw on NetBSD/powerpc also (though we don't have a stack trace for that crash, so can't tell for sure it is crashing in the same place).

Magnus, does src/config.h have either of these constants defined on your NetBSD/powerpc machine? A third possibility if neither of those are defined is that xmalloc/xfree/xrealloc are used.

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