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bug#1740: [era eriksson] vc.el adds new files at v2.1 if other v2.x file

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: bug#1740: [era eriksson] vc.el adds new files at v2.1 if other v2.x file found
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 02:16:05 -0800 (PST)

Sven Joachim <address@hidden> writes:

  > I'm revising old bugs reported against Emacs in Debian and will forward
  > some of them here that are still reproducible in current Emacs CVS.
  > This one is an example of a very well written bug report.
  > From: era eriksson <address@hidden>
  > Subject: Bug#149196: emacs20: vc.el adds new files at v2.1 if other v2.x 
file found
  > To: address@hidden
  > Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 14:20:13 +0300
  > Reply-To: era eriksson <address@hidden>, address@hidden
  > Resent-From: era eriksson <address@hidden>
  > Package: emacs20
  > Version: 20.7-2
  > Severity: normal
  > It seems that the version control mode vc.el has a "feature" with CVS
  > which causes it to check in new files beginning at version number 2.1
  > if there is another file whose version number is 2.x in the same
  > directory (i.e. CVS module / project).
  > I had been noticing this more and more frequently over time, but
  > hadn't been able to diagnose it correctly. Now here are the steps to
  > repro this.
  > * Set up a toy CVS repository and populate it with a project
  >   mkdir /tmp/toycvs
  >   cvs -d /tmp/toycvs init
  >   mkdir /tmp/toycvs/foo
  > * Check out the project and check in a new file "bar"
  >   cd /tmp
  >   cvs -d /tmp/toycvs co foo
  >   cd foo
  >   emacs -nw bar
  >     C-x v v   # initiate CVS add
  >     C-c C-c   # submit for addition -- you should get CVS@@ on the mode line
  >     C-x v v   # initiate initial check-in
  >     C-c C-c   # submit for check-in -- mode line should now have CVS-1.1
  > * Play around with other files and verify that they get checked in at 1.1
  > * Now modify the bar file and check in at 2.x
  >     C-u C-x v v  # initiate check in at named version level
  >     2            # enter version level 2
  >     C-c C-c      # submit for check in -- you should now see CVS-2.1
  > * Add new files and find that they too get checked in at initial version 2.1

This does not seem to have anything to do with vc.el, after this step if
you do:

$ echo blah > blah
$ cvs add blah
$ cvs ci -m "add blah" blah
RCS file: /tmp/toycvs/foo/blah,v
Checking in blah;
/tmp/toycvs/foo/blah,v  <--  blah
initial revision: 2.1

so CVS adds the new file as version 2.1

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