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bug#2046: tags-query-replace

From: Peter Gacs
Subject: bug#2046: tags-query-replace
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 16:21:39 -0500

From: Peter Gacs <address@hidden>
concerns tags-search and tags-query-replace, when the document uses
several files (a TAGS file was created by etags). In each file that
is being edited, the search/replacement starts from the position of
the cursor only, and misses the items before it.

This is somewhat vague.

The situation is actually worse.  In my case, tags-query-replace does a frequently
a very partial job, even if I delete all buffers involved.
I have a long list of TeX files whose name is listed in a file called etags-files.
The TAGS file is created from it using etags `cat etags-files`.
I do a tags-query-replace, and only a few of the replacements will be done.
I can save the files involved and repeat the process; after maybe 5-4 repetitions,
it goes through all.

The total length of the text is fairly large (245 printed pages), and I have not tried
to reproduce the behavior on small examples.  But I did not have it before Aquamacs.
Whether tags-search or tags-query-replace, pressing "n" for skipping, space for replacement and
M-, for resuming starting from point, always produced the expected result.

Peter Gacs

I did:

emacs -Q
M-x tags-search file RET /path/to/TAGS-LISP

   (where TAGS-LISP is as created in the Emacs src/ dir by one of the
   build rules).

This first takes me to abbrev.el.
I press M-, a lot until I get to a new file, add-log.el.

I move point in abbrev.el and add-log.el to the end of the buffer.
I switch to scratch and do M-x tags-search again.
It starts finding results from the beginning of abbrev.el.

Thus, I don't see a problem (in either Emacs 22 or the CVS trunk).

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