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bug#2161: Acknowledgement (23.0.90; Another failure to convert to mbox)

From: jpff
Subject: bug#2161: Acknowledgement (23.0.90; Another failure to convert to mbox)
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 19:10:17 +0000

I think I determined that the problems were all due to unrmail not
using the same conditions for mail boundaries as used in the babyl
format.  Earlier in this development cycle my mail file was modified
due to font problems and there were bursts of ESC characters and odd
codes for diacritic marks.  These completely throw the unrmail
program.  I did hundreds of hand edits and it now converts.
  There have also been a number of unflagged changes that have caused
problems.  rmail-set-label I have already reported.
rmail-set-attribute is also very different and incompatible.  I
managed to break the mbox format once but I think I have recovered all
the mail.  I still cannot load the RMAIL file except in fundamental
mode and then M-x rmail-mode fixes it.  I cannot get MIME decoding to
work like I used to, but I suspect I just gave not found the package.
I was using etach but that is very babyl-specific.  Likewise my label
manager needs a complete rewrite.  I found one function i used
no-longer available (rmail-narrow-to-non-pruned-header)
  Reading new mail seems problematic and the new code breaks my
operating system layout.

What else has changed in rmail-mode that a user needs to know?

==John ffitch

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