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bug#1988: Making the license statement visible in the Emacs Manual

From: Jesse W
Subject: bug#1988: Making the license statement visible in the Emacs Manual
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 11:38:37 -0800

Whew, that was a lot of files...

On Feb 6, 2009, at 3:02 PM, Karl Berry wrote:
No.  Sorry for not specifying.  I just mean the manuals in the Emacs
distribution, namely those here:

(There are many individual manuals in the misc/ subdir.)
Oh, /those/ manuals... ;-)  OK, here they are.

calc.texi had the copyright date line repeated on the title page, so I removed the redundant one.

dbus.texi already included @insertcopying, as far back as its initial revision about a year ago.

erc.texi is the same.

faq.texi isn't under the GFDL, rather it's under a vague copyleft statement, with copyright dates going back to 1990.

gnus-faq.texi claims to be generated from an XML file, which I can't find (the given URL breaks, the gnus.org site does not appear to have the purported XML file visible anywhere..), so I'm leaving that one aside for now.

gnus-news.texi is also not under GFDL, and has it's copyright statement in a comment, so we'll leave that one alone, too.

gnus.texi already has @insertcopying.

mh-e.texi is dual-licensed under the GFDL 1.3+ and the GPL 3+, and already has @insertcopying.

org.texi already has @insertcopying.

remember.texi does too.

smtpmail.texi also.

tramp.texi has @insertcopying at the bottom of the Top node.

trampver.texi isn't exactly a manual, and has it's license statement in a comment; ignoring.

Quite a few of them repeated a descriptive line in @copying and in the top of the Top node; I removed the repeats where I saw them.

And that's it... all the others are included in the big-pile-o-patch attached below.

Attachment: emacs_misc_manuals_insertcopying.patch
Description: Binary data

Dealing with manuals in other distributions has to be done separately,
through their respective maintainers/bug lists.  If you want to take
that on, that would be great.
OK, I'll see what I can do. Do you have any suggestions about which projects would be most receptive?

Jesse Weinstein

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