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bug#2251: 23.0.90; Summary by label in RMAIL

From: jpff
Subject: bug#2251: 23.0.90; Summary by label in RMAIL
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 06:12:06 +0000

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard M Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

 Richard>     >  Others include not being able to read ~/RMAIL directly into
 Richard>     > rmail-mode,

 Richard> Could you explain what that means?

find-file (C-f) opens the file in fundamental mode, and I have to do
M-x rmail-mode in order to use it.  This is the case for all mail
files, and I have many.  Previously there was a line
       BABYL OPTIONS: -*- rmail -*-
which dealt with this.  I have been recommended the awkward "C-u M-x
rmail C-f RMAIL" which I clearly got wrong this morning (perhaps that
shoudl be rmail-mode ?)

 Richard>       >       and having to select coding mode every time I read new
 Richard>       > mail and when I save mail.

 Richard> What does that mean?  Could you please give a scenario?

Whenever I save my RMAIL file, or read new mail I got a message about
having to select a coding as \201 and some others could not be
represented.  I selected raw-text, and the same happened next time.  I
tried just now and this seems to be fixed, but was not yesterday.

I looks like some progress is being made to rmail-mode
Something really needs to be done about MIME attachments though!

==John ffitch

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